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Nobarpart Iran Industrial Company started operating in 1979 as the Institute of Industrial
Production and Plastic Parts. The initial goal was to produce engineering plastic parts to
supply factory spare parts.
In the early years of its establishment, the company succeeded in supplying spare parts to
many factories, including Mazda, Zamzam, and many spinning and weaving industries.
In 1985, it was registered under the name of Nobarpart Iran Industrial Company and in the
same year, it was moved to its current location located in Isfahan jey Industrial City.
Since 1986, the design and production of polymer traffic lights has been on the Company
work routine
In 1987, the first series of polymer traffic lights were designed, produced and marketed for
the first time in the country by this company.
After making 300 mm traffic lights, the company succeeded in making 200 mm street traffic
lights, 200 mm pedestrian lights and 100 mm repeater.
By completing all kinds of traffic lights, the company started to produce and present other
traffic items, including cat- eyes, speed stopper, lane separator and hazard.
Since 2001, designing and manufacturing LED traffic lights has been part of the company’s
In 2003, the first series of polymer LED traffic lights were produced and marketed for the
first time in the country.

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