Solar lights

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Solar lamps manufactured by NOBAR Co. Iran

All parts of the lantern are entirely of high quality polycarbonate materials of their own. The size of the luminaire body is approximately 350 mm 355 x 180 mm, with a diameter of about 300 mm, with 280 ± 5 inches. In the case of the lantern, the full mask of mask is completely With a diameter of 330 ± 5 mm outside and 300 ± 5 mm at the point of attachment to the lighthouse at a depth of 215 ± 550, connected by a screw in the groove embedded on the body. In the case of half-masked half-lighthouse with a height of 5 ± 185 mm outside and 5 ± 230 at the point of attachment to the lantern with a depth of 215 ± 5, connected by a screw in the groove embedded on the body. The hinges are in the form of a hinge It comes with a solid body and has a plastic strip for sealing. The LED consists of the following parts: Casing (body) of the primary material of polycarbonate. Grade special for guilloches lights from the primary material of polycarbonate. Grade special for lenses. LEDs are traffic-aware, life-long 100,000 hours within the permissible range for guidance and traffic lights and Grade A signals directly from the manufacturer. LED LEDs and a fully reliable power supply are wrapped in a chassis and the lens is fitted with a sealing washer ( So that it is possible to enter water and dust and / or moisture No battery is available at all.) A 1 x 12V 9AH rechargeable battery is 12 months old and is powered by a battery in a teleshopping lamp and two batteries, and three houses are powered by two batteries. The 10W 21V solar cell 0.68A is a 16% lag of at least 10 years of age. For a twin lamp, the solar cell panel has a minimum of 20 watts, and three walled solar panels are used for at least 30 watts. The smart microcontroller has the following capabilities: battery voltage measurement, voltage Solar panel and charging and related calculations. Light intensity and consumption optimization with respect to charging current (new Environment) and battery voltage and solar panel. Reduce the effect of battery voltage changes on the output light. Preventing overcharging and discharging of the battery and eliminating heat. Using PWM modulation for output light variations. Execution of any changes based on the order of the buyer (software) Duration of operation Without charging, and with a battery pack of approximately 4 days a day. The charging time of the battery packed out in the maximum is 18 hours with the function of the lamp and 12 hours without the function of the light. Maximum output values ​​(day) to the minimum (night) 3 to 1 (can be changed In order of order) Four-way flashing simultaneously with e M (sync) The solar panel rotation is possible and adjusts in the best geographic direction to receive the highest light output of the modulus (minimum) of cd420. The IP module is 65 and the IP body is 55. The flame is resistant to heat and cold and Thermal tolerance is 30 to 80+ centimeters. All parts are easily open, closed and replaced if necessary. All movable parts that allow the penetration of water or dust into the lamp have resilient sealing gaskets. A syntax that, with the assurance of the mounting strength, is not possible to enter the water and dust into the lamp. It is resistant to minerals, rays of the sun (uv) and acid rain, and its components are not stained with sunlight. On all the main parts of the lantern, the calendar of production, the material of the raw materials, the name of the company Noubparat of Iran has been inscribed. A type of two or three houses can be used to turn the lights home simultaneously or in a combination. The quality and efficiency of the whole LED for one year is guaranteed and designed for a minimum of 5 years. Installation bases They are connected to the lighthouse body with a precision molding that allows the accurate adjustment (5 °) in the vertical axis to achieve the best with Ten completely solid to provide non-changeable and once installed does not apply any bending stress or reflex.


30 cm LED lantern

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 30 cm LED LAMP Production of Iran’s Nobarpart Industrial Company

General Specifications A complete optical set consists of 3 green, yellow and red modules that can be supplied with the lantern either fully or individually. To change the luminaires to the LEDs, if you do not want to replace the lantern, you can only replace the LED modules with the luminaires ‘luminaire luminaire system that was produced at Iran’s NoPPP. LED modules are designed to be interchangeable with the luminaires’ It is a production company of the company. All parts of the lantern are entirely of high quality polycarbonate materials, specially designed for guidance lights and highly resistant to uv and acid rain. The size of the luminaire body is approximately 355 × 350 mm, with a lens diameter of about 300 The millimeter has a range of 280 ± 5. In the case of a full-mask lantern, a full mask with a diameter of 330 ± 530 mm in diameter and 300 ± 5 mm in the lighthouse connection at a depth of 215 ± 5 is connected to the body with a screw on the luminaire. In the case of half-masked lighthouse with a height of 5 ± 185 mm outside and 230 ± 5 ° at the point of attachment to the lighthouse at a depth of 215 ± 5 °, which is attached to the body by a screw on the body. The hinge is secured to the body and has a plastic bar for sealing. – The LED modulus of the parts The following polymer has been formed: – Casing (body) of the primary polycarbonate material for specialty headlamps – lens of the primary polycarbonate Lens for LED and power supply should be trusted completely screwed in the casing and the lens is completely sealed installed on it. The lens also protects the light and the angle of light from possible water and dust and / or moisture entering the electronic set. LEDs are traffic-sensitive, life-saving, 000/100 hours special for traffic lights and traffic signals of the type One (Grad A) comes directly from the manufacturer. The green type is the mcd8000 and the yellow type is mcd5500 and the red is 6000 mcd and is limited to the color spectrum permitted for the traffic light. – All parts are easily open, closed and replaced if necessary. .- All moving parts that can penetrate the water or dust into the lamp have reactive gaskets. He does not have the possibility of entering water and dust into the lamp, while ensuring the strength of the installation. – All dimensions and specifications are in accordance with the European standard (AS2144). – Lighthouse bases of the PC .The mounting rings and their connection area to the lantern body with precision molding provide the possibility of accurate adjustment (5 degrees) in the vertical axis to provide the best performance in a completely sturdy and non-interchangeable manner, and after installation no stress Bending or torsion does not apply to the lamp. – The lanterns are capable of installing the back plate. – Lanterns and modules They are made of recyclable polymer materials and do not pollute the environment. – On all the main parts of the calendar of production, the raw material, the name of the company Novarbartar is carved. – The lights are modular and can be installed on each other from one to four buildings – The flashing light used in the lamp has a design suitable for switching off at peak voltage, and has high quality electronic components and a heat sink suitable for continuous operation. The flashing range can be changed easily. It is possible to switch between 50 and 60 times per minute and have a dual-symmetric dual-channel luminaires. Three houses. – The quality and performance of the entire lantern and LED is guaranteed for one year and has been designed and lashed for a minimum of 5 years. Technical Specifications: Operating Temperature: 70 to + 30 ° C. Input Voltage: 170-265 mm. Input Voltage: 40 mm. (Possible Thin Cables Available on the Market.) Power Consumption (10 ± 10 Watts) Independent of Lightning Intensity. Input Voltage Up to 95% (0.95 < PF) Distortion of current consumption less than 14% (14%> THD) Change of light source due to dimming from 30% to 100% Continuously protecting the input voltage shock and protecting over temperature when the delay time on and off is less than 100 milli Secondary filter eliminates high frequency noise and transient shocks (such as lightning) in the light input of the PWM method and, consequently, the static color spectrum Renewal of a torque of up to 300 V When one of the LEDs is burned, only 2 of them are turned off and the remaining LEDs remain constant. It works without flickering and shaking the light even in unstable power supply systems, using the latest switching power supply with high power factor and as a result The use of the very smallest parts and the destruction of the much less use of LEDs for long life and light intensity, and 30-degree angles, employing a special design of the printed circuit, which reduces the temperature and, as a result, increases the useful life. The minimum results are obtained for protective tests (rounded and Must and Water), which are in accordance with standard I The EC529 is implemented for the LED module IP 65 and for the IP 54 lantern.