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The founders of Nobrepart Iran Company started its production activities in the field 1358 of engineering plastics production for industrial parts and factories. In 1365, by determining the production of traffic equipment, Iran’s company has established (1364/11/24) and from the first days of its attention, especially to the quality of products and adaptation of products with the country’s traffic requirements, has been the most important goals of the company.


Establishment of molding, injection, assembly, electronics, research and development units and benefiting from up-to-date knowledge and using ISO-9001 quality management system have enabled the company to compete with European and American products in terms of quality and quality Chinese products in terms of price.
All products of this company have a one-year guarantee and have been designed and produced for a useful life at least 5 years. This company is  he first manufacturer of polymer traffic lights, street and road speed stopper, stoppers and warning signs including VSL, LCS and Your Speed in the country and is one of the major supplier of traffic equipment and traffic lights in Tehran, some metropolises, provincial centers and small towns. At present, the design and production of high quality traffic products in accordance with the needs of the country and the region is one of  he most important goals of this company.

History of the Industrial Company

Iran Nobarpart

Noborpart Iran Industrial Co. has started its activity since 1358 under the title of Industrial Production Institute and plastic parts. The primary purpose was the production of engineering plastics parts to provide spare parts for factories.

In first establishment, the company succeeded in providing spare parts to many factories, including the Mazda company and a lot of spinning and weaving industries.

In 1364, he was registered under the title of Nobarpart of Iran Industrial company and was transferred to its current location in the Jey industrial town of Isfahan.

Since 1365, design and production of polymeric driving and traffic lights were participated in دستورکار.

In 1366, the first series of polymeric guidance and driving lights for the first time was designed and manufactured and marketed by the company.

After making the 300 mm guidance lights, the company succeeded in making LED lights 200 street 200 mm pedestrian and 100 mm ripeter.

With the completion of a variety of traffic lights, the company is producing and providing other transportation items that can be pointed to a variety of cat’s eye, quickly, separating lines and risk.

Since 1380 the design and production of LED and driving lights in the company agenda was.

In 1382, the first series of LED and driving polymer lights were manufactured and marketed for the first time in the country.

Also, in the same year, the company received ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification: 2000 of the UK MIC company in the field of production of polymeric traffic equipment and plastic parts.

In 1384, after constructing the 300 mm LED lights, the company succeeded in making the LED light 200 mm.

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