Combined traffic light

Characteristics of the LED light The combination of wind (solar-wind) manufactured by Iran’s Nebirbart Industrial Company-Energy needed to illuminate the light through a combination of sunlight and wind. – Use this light in areas where access to electricity is not possible or at points Due to the large amount of cloudy days, it is not possible to use a solar light alone. – Features and specifications of the optical and optical characteristics of this lamp are in accordance with the specifications of the company’s solar lanterns. Features and specifications of the wind turbine: (This turbine is within the power range of 20KW – 200 W available ) NPGW – 200W Model # 3 Number of blades 12 m Turbine diameter 211 km / h Minimum wind speed 3160 km / h Maximum wind speed 4500 / min Number of rounds per minute 5 Permanent magnet motor without coal generator 6200 w Output power at wind speed 45 km 7300 w Max output 814 v Output voltage 914.2 A Flow rate 106 m Height 1150 AH Power Battery 12 Diesel Battery Battery 1315 kg Battery weight 1423 kg Weight of solar light with solar panel and its accessories 1590 kg Weight of wind turbine with its accessories 16128 kg K L 175 Hours Maximum Operating Time Lights Without Solar & Wind Power (Battery Storage) 18 Years Warranty 19