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The most technical LED walker

Noon Part Iran Industrial Co.

A set Full optical includes 2 green and red modulus that are Can be provided with lantern and in full or alone.

For Changing the Lampi lantern to the LED, if not The desire to replace the lantern body can only be replaced by the LED modules with the light system of LAMIP lantern.

Design The modules are interchangeable with the light system of Lampi lantern.

A Technical specifications of plastic parts:

-Parts Lantern is made of high-quality polycarbonate raw materials and special led grade Has been.

-Lantern Consists of two separate houses that are connected by a special metal clamp and on top and bottom 2-Number of lantern base (KPI) to connect to the rig with the ability to adjust the angle of view and pass The cable is made up of the medium with a special clamp.

– پایه های فانوس ( کرپی ) از جنس پلی کربنات مخصوص چراغ راهنمایی ساخته شده است و محل اتصال آن به بدنه فانوس با قالبگیری دقیق به نحوی است که امکان تنظیم دقیق ( 5 درجه ) در حول محور عمودی را برای کسب بهترین بازده به صورت کاملاً محکم و غیر قابل تغییر فراهم می‌آورد و پس از نصب هیچ‌گونه تنش خمشی یا پیچشی به چراغ اعمال نمی‌نماید .

– اندازه هرخانه تقریباً 180×275×275 میلیمتر با اندازه لنز حدود 210×210 میلیمتر که 195×195 میلیمتر آن در معرض دید می‌باشد.

– هر خانه بر روی لنز دارای نقاب سه وجه با عمق 155 میلیمتر است.

-Every home Lantern is composed of parts of the body and lid, which is shaped by the door to the body. And it has plastic strips for sealing to prevent water and dust from entering into Lantern.

-All The parts are easily opened and closed as necessary.

-All Moving parts that can penetrate water or dust into the lights have a washer Sealing elasticity is also It is not possible to ensure the installation strength and water and dust in the lights.

– لنزها از نوع بی رنگ و شفاف از جنس پلی‌کربنات گرید مخصوص چراغ‌های لامپی و مقاوم در برابر اشعه نورخورشید ساخته شده است.

-Technical specifications of optical and electronic

– برد LED درکیسینگ بصورت کاملاً قابل اطمینان پیچ شده و لنزها بگونه‌ای طراحی و نصب شده‌اند که امکان ورود هرگونه گرد و غبار و یا آب را بداخل آن غیر ممکن می‌سازند.

-LED With a lifetime of 000.100 hours of special lights, traffic certificates And traffic signals, which are directly in a grade type (A Grade) straight from The manufacturer is imported.

Green type Anne MCD 8000 and the red MCD 6000 within color spectrum permissible for lights Tips.

– ولتاژ ورودی 80-280 VAC در 47-62 HZ

-Dara Being control of micro-controller with three moving green types

-Protection Against input voltage shock

-Power Consumption in green Type 2 – 4 W and Red type 1.5 – 3 W

-Intensity of light Output on the horizontal axis 150 CD LED

– تعداد LED در نوع سبز 66 عدد و در نوع قرمز 84 عدد می‌باشد.

C) Other Specifications:

-Minimum IP limit for protective tests (dust and water) that Valid in lab based on IEC standard 529 accepted for 65 LED modulus and for Lantern is 54.

-Lantern is resistant to cold and heat, heat tolerance is 30 to 80 + º C Possess.

-Lantern Against minerals, sun rays (UV) and rain Acidity is very resistant to discoloration against the sun.

-Lantern It is made of recycled polymeric material and does not cause environmental pollution.

– To All of the main production calendar components, material of raw materials, name and logo of the company are engraved.

-Quality The entire lantern is guaranteed for one year and is designed and manufactured for a minimum of 5 years. Has been.


LED Training

مشخصـات Faner LED Cantact of the biggest and profile

One light set includes 3 The green, yellow, and red modules can be تنهایي in full lantern Be offered.

To change the Lanterns LAMIP to Pink LED That lantern is a suitable body, It does not have to be replaced by the body.

  1. The material of all plastic parts of the high quality raw materials (Poly carbonate) is grades color for the LED lights.
  2. Casing material (body) of Poly carbonate grades for the lights of the
  3. Poly carbonate grades lens material for lens
  4. The size of each home is approximately 160 * 145 * 135 mm with a lens diameter of about 100 mm.
  5. The LED range and the power supply are fully reliable in winding casing and the proper lens is suitable for the possibility of entering water and dust or humidity into the electronic complex.
  6. LEDS are traffic, and with a lifetime of 000.100 hours for the guidance of traffic osignal, which grade A (Grad A) is directly imported from the manufacturer.
  7. Its green variant is MCD 8000 and the yellow type MCD 5500 and the Red MCD 6000 and the scope of the permissible color spectrum for the LED lighting.
  8. The electronic components used in a range of grade one and the main.
  9. The input power range is from 180 to 260 volts, which is not the any a power fluctuations in the output applied to LEDS (1./. Output voltage)
  10. The power supply is equipped with an electrical shock protection system that works on a linear basis.
  11. The power supply is a automatic light-up system in the night of the day, due to the relatively high light of LEDS at night (especially for those who have a large scale), it is very useful in terms of safety and prevents dangerous incidents. This system increases the intensity of the published light by reducing the environment (linear and automatic), and with the increasing light in the light intensity, the lantern is released.
  12. Lantern and the modules are very resistant to minerals, sun rays (UV) and acidic rain and do not change the color of sunlight.
  13. Lantern and the modules are resistant to cold and heat, the heat tolerance of 35-to 80 + º C.
  14. Lantern and modules are polymeric in recyclable materials and do not cause environmental pollution.
  15. On all the main parts of the calendar of production, material of raw materials, name and logo of Novonpart Fillet company has been.
  16. In a variety of eye lights, a woman with a suitable design for the lack of switch at the time of the voltage and the high quality electronic parts and with debated Sik (Heat sink) suitable for continuous work which is easy to install and its replacement and switch at 50 to 60 times and has Two symmetric circuits have been used for lights and three-house lamps.
  17. The minimum IP for the protective tests (dust and water) in a valid laboratory based on the IEC529 standard is accepted for the 65 LED module and for Lantern 54.
  18. Quality and efficiency of the entire lantern and LED module are guaranteed for one year and are designed and manufactured for a minimum of 5 years.

30 cm LED lantern

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 30 cm LED LAMP Production of Iran’s Nobarpart Industrial Company

General Specifications A complete optical set consists of 3 green, yellow and red modules that can be supplied with the lantern either fully or individually. To change the luminaires to the LEDs, if you do not want to replace the lantern, you can only replace the LED modules with the luminaires ‘luminaire luminaire system that was produced at Iran’s NoPPP. LED modules are designed to be interchangeable with the luminaires’ It is a production company of the company. All parts of the lantern are entirely of high quality polycarbonate materials, specially designed for guidance lights and highly resistant to uv and acid rain. The size of the luminaire body is approximately 355 × 350 mm, with a lens diameter of about 300 The millimeter has a range of 280 ± 5. In the case of a full-mask lantern, a full mask with a diameter of 330 ± 530 mm in diameter and 300 ± 5 mm in the lighthouse connection at a depth of 215 ± 5 is connected to the body with a screw on the luminaire. In the case of half-masked lighthouse with a height of 5 ± 185 mm outside and 230 ± 5 ° at the point of attachment to the lighthouse at a depth of 215 ± 5 °, which is attached to the body by a screw on the body. The hinge is secured to the body and has a plastic bar for sealing. – The LED modulus of the parts The following polymer has been formed: – Casing (body) of the primary polycarbonate material for specialty headlamps – lens of the primary polycarbonate Lens for LED and power supply should be trusted completely screwed in the casing and the lens is completely sealed installed on it. The lens also protects the light and the angle of light from possible water and dust and / or moisture entering the electronic set. LEDs are traffic-sensitive, life-saving, 000/100 hours special for traffic lights and traffic signals of the type One (Grad A) comes directly from the manufacturer. The green type is the mcd8000 and the yellow type is mcd5500 and the red is 6000 mcd and is limited to the color spectrum permitted for the traffic light. – All parts are easily open, closed and replaced if necessary. .- All moving parts that can penetrate the water or dust into the lamp have reactive gaskets. He does not have the possibility of entering water and dust into the lamp, while ensuring the strength of the installation. – All dimensions and specifications are in accordance with the European standard (AS2144). – Lighthouse bases of the PC .The mounting rings and their connection area to the lantern body with precision molding provide the possibility of accurate adjustment (5 degrees) in the vertical axis to provide the best performance in a completely sturdy and non-interchangeable manner, and after installation no stress Bending or torsion does not apply to the lamp. – The lanterns are capable of installing the back plate. – Lanterns and modules They are made of recyclable polymer materials and do not pollute the environment. – On all the main parts of the calendar of production, the raw material, the name of the company Novarbartar is carved. – The lights are modular and can be installed on each other from one to four buildings – The flashing light used in the lamp has a design suitable for switching off at peak voltage, and has high quality electronic components and a heat sink suitable for continuous operation. The flashing range can be changed easily. It is possible to switch between 50 and 60 times per minute and have a dual-symmetric dual-channel luminaires. Three houses. – The quality and performance of the entire lantern and LED is guaranteed for one year and has been designed and lashed for a minimum of 5 years. Technical Specifications: Operating Temperature: 70 to + 30 ° C. Input Voltage: 170-265 mm. Input Voltage: 40 mm. (Possible Thin Cables Available on the Market.) Power Consumption (10 ± 10 Watts) Independent of Lightning Intensity. Input Voltage Up to 95% (0.95 < PF) Distortion of current consumption less than 14% (14%> THD) Change of light source due to dimming from 30% to 100% Continuously protecting the input voltage shock and protecting over temperature when the delay time on and off is less than 100 milli Secondary filter eliminates high frequency noise and transient shocks (such as lightning) in the light input of the PWM method and, consequently, the static color spectrum Renewal of a torque of up to 300 V When one of the LEDs is burned, only 2 of them are turned off and the remaining LEDs remain constant. It works without flickering and shaking the light even in unstable power supply systems, using the latest switching power supply with high power factor and as a result The use of the very smallest parts and the destruction of the much less use of LEDs for long life and light intensity, and 30-degree angles, employing a special design of the printed circuit, which reduces the temperature and, as a result, increases the useful life. The minimum results are obtained for protective tests (rounded and Must and Water), which are in accordance with standard I The EC529 is implemented for the LED module IP 65 and for the IP 54 lantern.