plastic injection

This unit utilizes a variety of plastic injection machines It is possible to produce plastic parts up to 6 kg.

Various machines and experienced personnel have enabled this unit to The ability to produce various types of engineering components of the highest quality.



Given the ever-increasing number of cars, urban populations and unlimited technology advances, The need for new traffic equipment has been increased to control the traffic of cities and roads

In this regard, the electronic unit has been operating since 2001. Right now, All stages of design, testing, and production of electronic equipment are carried out in this unit And the possibility of any product changes based on customer requirements or other requirements.


Research and Development

The research and development unit was launched in the summer of 1397 And in the same month, he received a certificate of research and development from the organization of industry, mining and trade of Isfahan Province.

This unit has been developed to improve the quality and improve the level of product performance, or to create new products in accordance with the knowledge of the day.

Hope this unit Using the available facilities and expert and efficient personnel and connecting with reputable scientific centers in Iran and other parts of the world can take effective steps to meet the traffic demands of the country.



In this unit, the assembly of electronic traffic equipment is carried out with precision and high quality And assemblies of boards after various tests to ensure their performance is correct give

Using high quality parts and boards and taking advantage of experienced staff and equipment Enhanced production has made the production slabs of this section all the highest standards Available.

Also after examining the research unit Develop the best and most quality parts Electronic companies are currently selected by the reputable companies to assemble this sector All electronic components are provided by modern testing and measuring devices It tests and evaluates the quality and conformity of parts performance with the information sheet Make them technical.



This unit with the benefit of experienced staff and machinery Enhanced and equipped, such as CNC milling, milling machines, magnetic stones, Spark (EDM), Boring and. . . It is equipped with the possibility of designing, manufacturing and repairing plastic injection molds.

All templates related to the company’s products in this design unit And produced.