Pedestrian lamp traffic light

Pedestrian lamp traffic light

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2- The traffic light consists of two separate parts that are connected by a special metal clamp, and at the top and bottom there are two bases for connecting to the traffic light mast with the ability to adjust the viewing angle and passing the cable between them.

3- The size of each house is approximately 180 × 275 × 275 mm, which is about 210 × 210 mm with a lens size and 195 × 195 mm is visible.

4- Each house on the lens has a three-sided mask with a depth of 155 mm.

5- Each traffic light house consists of the following parts:

5-1- Body

5-2- The door, which is hinged to the body and has a plastic strip for sealing, as well as the location of the lens and wristband.

5-3- The lens is in green and red and has two layers, in each layer there is a standing dummy (red lens) and a moving dummy (green lens). To smooth the output light, a transparent lens is used, which has protrusions on the inner surface and is fastened with a special fastener.

6- The screws are connected to separate 1.5 stranded wires. The green and red wires are for the Lines of the green and red houses, and the blue wire is their common neutral, which is connected to the terminal located in the lower house (green).

7- The bases are made of special grade for traffic lights.

8- All parts can be easily opened, closed and replaced if necessary.

9- All moving parts that allow water or dust to penetrate into the lamp have elastic sealing washers. So that while ensuring the strength of the installation, it is not possible for water, dust and dust to enter the lamp.

10- All optical dimensions and specifications are in accordance with valid European standards.

11- The connector is a very high quality Chinese type, and in the internal wiring, standard stranded and coiled wire have been used in a completely principled way that there is no possibility of connection or risk of electric shock.

12- The mounting bases and their connection to the body are such that it allows precise adjustment (5 degrees) around the vertical axis to achieve the best efficiency in a completely firm and unchangeable way. No flexural or torsional stress is applied to the lamp after installation.

13- The traffic light is very resistant to minerals, sun (uv) rays and acid rain. It does not change color in the sun.

14- This product is resistant to cold and heat and has a heat tolerance of -35 to +85 degrees Celsius.

15- This product is made of recyclable polymeric materials and does not cause environmental pollution.

16- On all the main parts, items such as production calendar, raw material, name and logo of Nobar Part Company are engraved.

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18- The quality and efficiency of the whole lamp is guaranteed for one year and has been designed and produced for a minimum life of 5 years.

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