Pedestrian LED traffic Light

Pedestrain LED traffic light

A complete optical set consists of two modules, green and red, which can be provided alone or as a complete traffic light. To change the lamp traffic light to LED, if you do not want to replace the body, only the LED modules can be replaced with the light system of the lamp traffic lights. The modules are designed to be interchangeable with the optical system of lamp traffic lights.

A- Technical specifications of plastic parts – Parts are made of high quality polycarbonate grade raw materials for traffic lights. – This product consists of two separate houses that are connected by a special metal clamp. At the top and bottom there are two bases to connect to the mast (with the ability to adjust the angle of view) and pass the cable through which is secured with a special clamp. – The bases are made of polycarbonate for traffic lights. Their connection to the body with precision molding is such that it allows precise adjustment (5 degrees) around the vertical axis to achieve the best efficiency in a completely tight and unchangeable. No flexural or torsional stress is applied to the lamp after installation. – The size of each house is approximately 180 × 275 × 275 mm with a lens size of approximately 210 × 210 mm, which 195 × 195 mm is visible. – Each house on the lens has a three-sided mask with a depth of 155 mm. – Each house is made up of body parts and a door that the door is hinged to the body and sealed with a piece of plastic to prevent water and dust from entering the traffic light. – All parts can be easily opened, closed and replaced if necessary. – All moving parts that can allow water or dust to penetrate into the lamp have elastic sealing washers so that while ensuring the strength of the installation, it is not possible for water and dust to enter the body. – The lenses are colorless and transparent made of grade polycarbonate for lamp lights and resistant to sunlight.

B- Optical and electronic technical specifications – The LED board in the case is completely reliably screwed and the lenses are designed and installed in such a way that it is impossible to enter any dust or water into it. – LEDs are registered, traffic and have a lifespan of 100,000 hours. These LEDs are for traffic lights and traffic signals that are imported directly from the manufacturer in the first grade (A Grade) type. Its green type is 8000 mcd and its red type is 6000 mcd within the color range allowed for traffic lights. – 80-280 VAC input voltage at 47-62 HZ – Having microprocessor control with three movements in the moving green type. – Protection against input voltage shocks. Power is 2-4 watt in green and 1.5-3 watt in red – Output light intensity on the horizontal axis of the lamp is 150 cd. – The number of LEDs in the green type is 66 and in the red type is 84.

C- Other specifications – The minimum IP for protection tests (dust and water) performed in a valid laboratory according to IEC 529 is 65 for the LED module and 54 for the Body. – The traffic light is resistant to cold and heat and has a heat tolerance of -30 to +80 degrees Celsius. – The traffic light is very resistant to minerals, sun (uv) rays and acid rain. It does not change color in the sun. – The traffic light is made of recyclable polymeric materials and does not pollute the environment. – On all the main parts of the production calendar, the material of raw materials, the name and logo of the company are engraved. – The quality and efficiency of the product is guaranteed for one year and is designed and manufactured for a minimum life of 5 years.

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