Repeater LED traffic Light

Repeater LED Traffic Light
Repeater LED Traffic Light

A complete optical set consists of 3 modules: green, yellow and red, which can be presented as a complete product or alone. To change the lamp lights to LED, if the product has a suitable body, there is no need to replace the body.

1- All plastic parts are made of high quality raw materials (Polycarbonate), self-color polycarbonate, and special grade for traffic lights.

2- Body material made of polycarbonate grade for traffic lights

3- The lens is made of polycarbonate grade for the lens

4- The size of each house is approximately 160 × 145 × 135 mm with a lens diameter of about 100 mm.

5- The LED board and the power supply are screwed into the case quite reliably and the lens is placed properly on it so that water, dust or moisture cannot enter the electronic part.

6- LEDs are registered, traffic and have a lifespan of 100,000 hours. These LEDs are for traffic lights and traffic signals that are imported directly from the manufacturer in the first grade (A Grade) type.

7- Its green type is 8000 mcd and its red type is 6000 mcd and its yellow type is 5500 mcd within the color range allowed for traffic lights.

8- The electronic components used in the board are first class and original.

9- The input voltage range is from 180 to 260 volts, in which the voltage fluctuations do not have the slightest effect on the output applied to the LEDs (less than 0.01 Output voltage)

10- The power supply has a linear shock protection system.

11- The power supply has an automatic system for adjusting the light at night, which is very useful in terms of safety due to the relatively high light of LEDs at night (especially for drivers who have night vision) and prevents dangerous accidents.

12- The traffic light is resistant to minerals, sun (uv) rays and acid rain. It does not change color in the sun.

13- The traffic light is resistant to cold and heat and has a heat tolerance of -35 to +80 degrees Celsius.

14- The traffic light is made of recyclable polymeric materials and does not pollute the environment.

15- On all the main parts of the production calendar, the material of raw materials, the name and logo of the company are engraved.

16- In all types of flashing lights, there is a type of flashing board with a suitable design for not switching during voltage peak. This board is made of high quality electronic components with a heatsink suitable for continuous work in a way that it is easy to install and replace and switches 50 to 60 times per minute. It also has two symmetrical circuits for the two and three houses traffic lights.

17- The minimum IP for protection tests (dust and water) performed in a valid laboratory according to IEC 529 is 65 for the LED module and 54 for the Body.

18- The quality and efficiency of the product is guaranteed for one year and is designed and manufactured for a minimum life of 5 years.

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