90 and 60 cm high road speed

Technical specifications of production speeds of Iran Nubarpard Industrial Company

Nobarpart Industrial Co., Iran, is the first designer and manufacturer of plastic accelerators in the world. It is proud that after 17 years of producing the first plastic accelerator and after years of its use in the warmest and coldest parts of Iran, its efficiency and excellent quality have been proven to be well proven.

  1. The length of each speed is 33×90 and limited It is 90, 33, 5 centimeters high.
  2. The length of each speed 33 × 60, 60, Width 33, Height 3.5 cm.
  3. The length of each speed limiter is 33×60 , 60, width 21, height 3/3 centimeters.
  4. The weight of each speed bracket is 33×90 with a foam of 4350 grams and a limit of 2500 grams is
  5. The weight of each velocity is 33×60, 1900 grams and its limit of 800 grams . The weight of each velocity is 33×60, 1900 grams and its limit of 800 grams

6- Speedlights in white colored vinyl and in the case of consumable resins, it is excellent in comparison with similar types with long-term color stability and high quality.
7. At each side, a speed of 33 × 90 is one cat eye for light reflection and an amnesia of nightmare for motorists at night.
8. The speed limiter and its limiter have suitable slopes and stanzards to prevent the heavy fluttering of your feet.
9 – On the back of the curtain, the insoles and its restricting are the name and logo of the company, the calendar of production and the material of the primary material consumed, which, in comparison with similar types, represents the commitment of the company to the customers.
10-speeds, insole and limiter made of special polymer material with special compression molding and compression molding, so that it has good tolerance to stress and heavy loads.
11. Speed ​​limiter and resistor are resistant to organic, mineral and sunlight (UV) and do not change the color of the sun.
12. Speed ​​limiter is resistant to cold and hot weather, with thermal tolerance of 35-800 degrees Celsius.
13. The method of designing speeds and limiting it in such a way that during the installation of each other, the collapse prevents the movement of the set of installed through the passage of the vehicles.
14. Speed ​​limiter and limiting it from recycled polymer materials without contamination of the environment. It is easy to install and replace with screws, screws and rollplates.
15. With each speed of 33 × 90 cm, two foam is considered, which prevents the speed of the asphalt and creates a level difference in the lines of mounting accelerators.
The 16-pound speed and roll plaque are produced by compact injection molding of polymeric materials with the required strength.
17. Limit of acceleration with double-sided and non-subordinate to the color of yellow and is placed at the two ends of the mounted assembly. Due to the angle of design of the edges, it prevents the lining and damage of tires from cars that run through the edges of the installation lines, The appearance of the lines is also beautiful.
18. The speed and quality of work are guaranteed for one year and designed and designed for a minimum life of 3 years in natural conditions.

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