Speeding 100 moves

100 cm high road speed

Technical specifications of the street stretcher of 33.5 × 33.7 cm in the production of the Nobarpart Industrial Company in Iran

This type of accelerator prevents severe impact on cars and can be installed instead of asphalt barriers or with it, and if it can be fitted with a special intermediary, it can cover a wide longitudinal extension (like the width of the pedestrian crossing).

  1. Approximate weight of each speed section with its floor is 6150 g, the length of each cut is 100, the width is 33 and its height is 7/7 cm, so that it covers at least 2 minutes after installation.
  2. The speed limiters are supplied in white and yellow colors and have long-term color stability due to the quality of the resin consumed.

4- On each side, the speed of 33 × 100 is two cats The reflection reflects the possibility of motorists at night is

5- Speedboards have good slopes and slopes to prevent heavy shocks and slippage of cars. .

6. On all parts of the speedometer, the name of the company, the calendar of production and the material of the primary material is carved.

7. Speed caps made of polymeric material and special camphor and injection molding Compressed so that it can withstand all kinds of stress and heavy loads.

8. Speed limiters are perfectly resistant to organic, mineral, and sunlight (UV), and have a change in color against sunlight in the environment. Not free.

9 – The accelerators are resistant to cold and heat, with a thermal tolerance of 35 to + 75 ° C.

10- With intermediate speeds A dimension 50 x 50 x 50 cm, which when installed, it is possible to increase the length of the installation line It provides the desired amount, and the entire set of components is in some way mutually compatible They are not split up by traffic.

11 – speeds using a screwdriver and a special roller shutter The 11 cm installation is easily interchangeable And is made from recycled polymer materials.

12. Quality and Exercise A speedometer is warranted for one year and designed for a minimum life span of three years in normal conditions Is furnished.

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