Line separators 9 cm

9 cm separator

Separate technical specifications lines Produced by Iran’s Nobarpart Industrial Company

Nobarpart Industrial Co., Ltd. Iran is one of the first designers and producers of plastic separators in Iran, which has been well proven after 10 years of its production and used in the warmest and coldest parts of Iran.

  1. The length of each separator is 100, width 26.5, height 9 cm
  2. The length of each large limiter, separator 43, width 26.5, height 9 cm
  3. The length of each small limiter is 33, 26.5 ft, 9 centimeters high
  4. A separator weighing 3425 grams, a large separator of 1300 grams, and a small separator of 1030 grams.

5. Separators are supplied in yellow (in addition to the traffic colors), and with regard to the resin consumed in comparison with the same types, it has a long-lasting color stability and high quality.

6. The name and logo of the company, the calendar of production and the sex of the consumer on the product, indicating the commitment of the company to the customers.

7. Separators and limiters and their index plate are made of special polymer material with special compression and injection molding, which provides good tolerance to stress and heavy loads.

8. Separators and limiters, and its index plate is resistant to organic, mineral and sunlight (UV) and does not change color from sunlight.

9. Separators and limiters and its indicator plate are resistant to heat and cold, with thermal resistance of 35 to + 85 ° C.

10. The design of the separator and the limiter and its index plate are such that they are folded together during installation.

11. To increase the strength and strength of the separator Below is one of 6 amplifiers.

12. The separator and its accessories are repairable polymer materials, without contamination of the environment. It is easy to install and replace with screws, washers and rollplates.

13. Quality and efficiency of the separator and its limitation for one year are guaranteed and designed for a minimum of 3 years.

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